Treat Your Jaguar to Spring Service

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What can you be doing this spring to uphold both your Jaguar’s onroad and curbside integrity? There are several ways to spring-clean your vehicle at home, as well as service appointments you can make at your local dealership to get your car detailed. Read about a few of them below.

Spring Cleaning: Service for Your Jag

Cleaning Techniques to Practice at Home

Brush and vacuum interior surfaces

First, brush dirt or dust off the surfaces of your car with a fine-bristled brush. Then, remove excess dirt from your car’s interior with a vacuum. Next, you’ll want to use a stiff brush on mats and carpets to work out the buildup of winter grime. Use a vacuum after to capture excess dirt.

Wash your tires

Use non-acid products to clean the tires to prevent any damage. First, apply a stiff brush to get rid of any grime, and then fill in with a smaller brush to clean out the smaller areas of your tire.

Hand wash the exterior

Use carwash solution rather than dish or hand soap to ensure a safe clean that won’t damage your car’s paint. After washing and rinsing, apply a rubber squeegee to remove excess water from your vehicle’s exterior. This prevents an air-dry and removes minerals or dirt water might leave behind. By getting rid of excess water, your car will be left shining.

Schedule a Service Appointment in Fort Pierce, FL

Schedule a service appointment today at our Jaguar Service Center. You can have your vehicle checked up on or serviced, depending on your needs. Our trained technicians specialize in tire service, battery service, brake service, oil changes, and other regular appointments to keep your vehicle healthy long-term. 


The service center prioritizes quick and quality service, so that your maintenance checkups are easy. You can even schedule your appointment online to make preserving your vehicle’s health and longevity easier. Additionally, take advantage of the center’s service coupons to make your next visit more affordable. These coupons include a discount on an oil change and a free hand wash and interior vacuum with any service.

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