A Step-By-Step Tutorial on Car Sanitation

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With the world slowly adjusting to a new normal, many are now returning to the workplace which means hygiene and cleanliness are more important than ever. Now that you may be driving more regularly, it’s important to establish a safe cleaning routine to keep your car disinfected. Continue reading to learn more.

Car Sanitation Tips

Stock Up on Disinfectant

While you may have stocked up on bleach products, paper towels, and hand sanitizer to keep you and your family safe in this season, these products will only cause damage to the soft surfaces of your car — especially organic surfaces such as leather. 


The secret solution which car manufacturers and car assembly plants have relied on for years to disinfect their cars is isopropyl alcohol. A solution of at least 70% will remove any potential contaminants that you may be concerned with. Also, rather than using abrasive paper towels, gently wipe away the alcohol with a soft, clean terry cloth instead. Pay special attention to seats, door handles, the steering wheel, and infotainment systems. 

Clean or Replace the Air Filters

Clean air circulating through your cabin will help to keep you and your passengers healthy. If the air filters in your Jaguar become clogged or caked with dirt, they will not be able to filter away particles such as dust and pollen that could affect the air quality within the car. 


If you are unsure of how to find or replace the air filters, you can refer to your owners manual or drop by our Jaguar Service Center where one of our technicians can take care of this for you. 

Vacuum Any Dust or Particles

Dirt, food crumbs, and other particles can build up on the floor of your car over time. As these particles break down, they can become airborne and cycled into the air with movement. Take a few minutes to thoroughly vacuum out your car to ensure that you and your passengers aren’t inhaling particles from the floor. Be sure to wear a dust mask or a face covering as you clean. This step will drastically improve the breathing quality of the air in your car while also giving your car a clean, fresh scent.

Get Your Car Detailed in Fort Pierce, FL

While these steps will help you maintain and clean your car, you can treat yourself to a deep clean by letting the professionals at Jaguar Treasure Coast detail your car. Our team only uses the highest quality products to ensure your Jaguar is as clean as the day you bought it. Give us a call today or drop by our dealership to get started. Be sure to check out our available service specials too. 

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