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Jaguar Treasure Coast is proud to offer a variety of new luxury vehicles, available for both purchase and lease. We'll guide you through the options to help make the best decision.

So you've finally chosen which Jaguar Treasure Coast vehicle to call your own. And with so many outstanding Jaguar vehicles to choose from, it surely wasn't easy. Now you just have one decision left; to buy or to lease? Both options have their advantages as well as different up-front costs and monthly payments, so it is important to give the matter careful consideration. Regardless of which you select, Jaguar Treasure Coast is proud to offer exceptional financing options for both.

While buying a new Jaguar comes with several advantages, the biggest may be that you'll truly own one of the most iconic and prestigious luxury vehicles on the market. Although purchasing one of our vehicles does require the ability to pay additional up-front costs and meet a higher monthly payment, you will find your money well spent on the many years of pleasure your Jaguar will deliver, provided the vehicle is properly cared for and maintained. Also keep in mind that the equity you build can be used towards a newer model when you so choose

One of the principal advantages of leasing a Jaguar Treasure Coast vehicle is flexibility. With most of our lease agreements spanning two or four years, you'll be able to drive a brand new Jaguar more often. A Jaguar lease also means less up-front costs and a significantly lower monthly payment. You can consider leasing as borrowing our vehicle while paying for its value only for the duration of the agreement instead of the vehicle's entire lifetime. Customers who take diligent, proactive care of their vehicles and those who spend less than an excessive amount of time on the road may find leasing to be a more profitable option.

Whether you buy or lease your vehicle, Jaguar Treasure Coast is dedicated providing competitive pricing. One way we guarantee this is through exclusive live market pricing, a daily process in which we monitor pricing of new vehicles on thousands of websites and adjust ours accordingly.

Jaguar Treasure Coast assists those of all credit situations who wish to have the driving experience only Jaguar can provide. Our website offers purchase pre-approval or Jaguar lease financing in merely seconds. While completing the application in advance will reduce paperwork at the dealership, the associates in our financing department are more than happy to assist you if you prefer.


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