Exploring Your Car Leasing and Financing Options

March 31st, 2019 by

If you’re in the market for a new Jaguar, chances are you have a few decisions on your hands. Maybe you’re stuck between a compact option and a sporty crossover, but either way, you know you’ll take home a vehicle you’ll love. Another important decision is how you will pay for it. Both leasing and financing provide nice benefits, but which one suits your needs?

Why Lease?

When you lease not only do you have to put less down, but you’ll also likely enjoy lower monthly payments than if you financed the vehicle. With lower payments, you can expand your search and take a look at the newest vehicles with the latest tech and safety innovations.

Another positive of leasing is that you’ll be riding around in a newer car or SUV. That means you’ll likely be able to avoid costly repairs that come up in older vehicles. Even if something does go wrong, the parts may still be under warranty. The dealer may also cover routine maintenance, so you could be looking at even more savings.

The Benefits of Financing

Financing is the more traditional way to bring home a vehicle. Buying means you’ll be taking out a loan and making monthly payments until it is paid off. The positive here is that you’ll eventually be the official owner. With leasing, you’ll continue to make payments year after year. Should you keep up with regular maintenance, financing also offers the possibility that you’ll go ten or more years without having a monthly bill.

Aside from the financial aspect, financing also offers more freedom. With a lease, you need to keep up to regular maintenance, or you’ll likely be charged when you turn it in. Leasing also comes with certain limitations regarding mileage. This can make it tricky to plan long trips with family or friends. Should you choose to finance, you can do as you please.

Lease or Finance in Fort Pierce, FL

If you still have questions, stop by Jaguar Treasure Coast. Our Jaguar dealership in Fort Pierce, Florida, has representatives on standby in our Jaguar Finance Center. Looking for exciting offers? Check out our Jaguar lease deals and specials.

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