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At Jaguar Treasure Coast, located near Jupiter, FL, you can find the car of your dreams. Whether it's the new Jaguar XF or a classic used model, any Jaguar you choose will put you at the height of luxury. But how did Jaguar get its reputation for being one of the most iconic brands of the 20th century and beyond? As you can see by our new Jaguar inventory, the brand puts quality, affordability and style at the forefront of its design.


The brand started in England in the 1920s when a man named Bill Lyons started the Swallow Sidecar Company, where he first started manufacturing two-seater cars. In the early '30s, Lyons made a name for himself selling the SS model cars, and in 1935, the company made its first four-door car: the SS Jaguar. The company officially changed the name to Jaguar in the late '40s and started building models with the XK engine.  

After the success of the XK engine, Jaguar began modeling cars that were tailored specifically for racing. The C-Type and D-Type models were both made in the 1950s and competed in the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race, and it was also in the '50s that the Jaguar was introduced to - and well-received in America. In the '60s, the E-Type was born, and had the signature sleek, sophisticated look Jaguar cars are known for. When the E-Type debuted at Geneva in 1961, it was praised for its attractive features as well as its affordability.

In the late 60s, Jaguar started producing the XJ models, which would later become one of the company's biggest successes, and was the first four-seater model for the brand. Since 1970, Jaguar has produced many notable models, including the Cabriolet, XK8, S-Type, F-Type, and ALC. Although Jaguar was acquired by Ford in 1990, they continued to honor the company's past by participating in major racing events, and won the 24-Hour Florida Classic at Daytona (XJR-12), World Sports Car Championship (XJR-14), and 24 Hours of Le Mans (XJR-12).

Today, the Jaguar XJ, Jaguar XF, and Jaguar F-Type models remain some of the most popular choices for car enthusiasts. Of course, new models continue to emerge, whereas classic models like the XKSS and the X-Type have unfortunately been discontinued.

If you're in the area and want to browse our inventory or pull the trigger on buying your own Jaguar, come in to our Fort Pierce Jaguar dealership today. Whether you prefer to admire the historical brand or own a piece of history for yourself, we're happy to assist you. Stop by our location at 4771 S US Highway 1, located between Stuart and Vero Beach, FL, and see for yourself how a high-quality car can change the way you drive.